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Fluorescent Light Ball

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【 Create a fairy effect 】

  • A beautiful light show that is different each time you fill it. popular for parties, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and daily adornments.

【Flexible & Easy Decorating】

  • A flat base andno need for cords or plugsfor easy resting on patios, mantels, shelves and tables around your home

【Easy to use】

  • Fill the Fluorescent Light Ball with water and place it on the UV light stand, add red fluorogel and watch the show develop.

  • As the red fluorogel is dissolved by the water it becomes a highly fluorescent yellow-green.

【Provides a unique and glowing experience with each use】

  • As the fluorogel dissolves into water it absorbs blue light from the light base and emits a bright yellow-green light.

  • The property of absorbing light of short wavelength and emitting light of longer wavelength.Each time the glow effect is different.

【Product Information】

  • 4-inch octagon ultraviolet (UV)
  • Light base 
  • 6-inch glass orb 
  • Silicone stopper and flat bottom
  • 10ml FluoroGel (Fluorescein concentrate in Mineral Oil)