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RC HMK 490 - 6 VALVE 1:14.5

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 The Model HMK 490 LC HD

General information :

  • All components are produced by METALHOBI.
  • The scale 1/14,5.
  • The crawler excavator is extrem highly detailed and powered.
  • Includes all the features of the original crawler excavator.
  • All the structure consists of high quality metal parts.
  • The working system is fully hydraulically identical to the original excavator.

  • 4 possible variants; the basic-version (6 valve) and the additional-versions (7 – 8 – 9 valves).
  • Undercarriage length: 392 mm
  • Track width: 239 mm
  • Chain width: 52 mm
  • Height over cabine: 239 mm
  • Length with stretched boom: max. 1050 mm
  • Height with stretched boom: max. 770 mm
  • Digging depth with standard bucket: 430mm
  • Tipping height: 500 mm

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? 360 Degree Turn

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  • Undercarriage 3mm steel, Laser cut and CNC turned and milled.
  • Undercarriage components, aluminum, steel, CNC turned and milled.
  • Double ball bearing chain tensioner made of heat treated steel and aluminum self-tightening & manuel
  • Chains: double grousers chain links made of zinc casting in perfect detail
  • Swing ring; 6 pieces, heat treated steel, zero clearance, high precision, 80 screw, 100% original


  • Swivel drive; axial piston hydromotor, 1/85.2rpm, heat treated steel gear
  • 15 mm aluminum block CNC turned and milled.
  • Installation floor thickness 5mm
  • Superstructure body; steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass
  • Superstructure body; 4 doors that can be opened.
  • Laser cutting, 100% scaled, special door hinges, cast railings, precision and high quality hand work.
  • Rear weight; CNC turned and milled from aluminum block
  • Driving cabin; CNC turned and milled from aluminum block and open door, detailed 100% scaled.
  • Driving cabin; multifunctional digital display, on&off switch
  • Boom; steel and brass, Laser cut,  CNC turned and milled, hard solder.
  • Arm; steel and brass, Laser cut,  CNC turned and milled, hard solder.
  • Mechanical quick hitch standard
  • Bucket is steel with casted bucket teeth

Drive System:

  • Drive system axial piston hydromotor.
  • The hydromotor is consisting of 6 mm piston of 11 pieces
  • Planetary gear max speed 85.2rpm

Hydraulic System:

  • 550watt outrunner direct brussles motor
  • Working pressure ca. 30 - 35 bar
  • Pump : aluminum and hard steel CNC turned and milled.
  • Pump; high precision, special design, maximum silence, 40 bar
  • Pump; with transition metal pipe to valve block
  • Pump; integrated pressure relief valve
  • Pump; 1.3 liter per minute
  • Hydraulic valves made of 7075 Aluminum
  • Completely removable hydraulic cylinder with hard-chromed piston rods
  • Piston rods 6 mm in diameter
  • High pressure resistant, industrial type polyurethane felt
  • The oil tank made from brass, anti-foaming design, level indicator, 250 cc
  • Active cooling system radiator
  • The oil raditor is CNC turned and milled from aluminum block
  • Hydraulic oil temperature always remains constant

Electrics / Electronics:

  • Operating voltage 11.1V - 12V / 4500mAh NiMH battery or Lipo battery 3S 4000mAh – 3S 7000mAh
  • Lighting with super bright SMD LEDs in series: 2x arm, 2x on the upper carriage front, 2x on the cabin
  • Specially designed board with BEC 5A
  • Oled display screen, multifunctional ( pressure, voltage, ampere, light control, logo)
  • 60A ESC