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Solid Bamboo Professional Ukelele

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All-bamboo ukulele body, neck and head, the crisp and pleasant sound. If you want to try something different, don’t miss this one!

Bamboo is harder than other woods and has less shrinkage so it is suitable even in wet places and this ukulele will not scratch your hands when playing.

  • Low motion brings a more comfortable experience
Testing and playing low show you can easily play with high-quality strings that don't hurt your fingers.

  • 18:1 gear tuner
Using an advanced tuner (18:1) to bring you a wonderful and perfect tone. Once you tune, it will tune accurately and remain consistent.


Material: Bamboo
Product size: 26.38 × 12.6 × 4.72 inches;
Weight: 3.48 pounds
Instrument: Ukulele
Number of strings: 4