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Use a 29CC gasoline engine, the fuel tank is located in front of the engine, in the middle of the body

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Excellent monster truck performance

rc gasoline truck have excellent fast monster truck performance,It also has excellent rock climbing ability.

A real gasoline-powered four-wheel drive solid axle monster truck, not for the faint-hearted!
It has the performance of a Monster truck in real life.

Use a 29CC gasoline engine, the fuel tank is located in front of the engine, in the middle of the body, for easy balance, all-metal drive large and small gear sets, equipped with transparent gear protection cover!

The first thing that catches your eye is the huge tire, the size of which has reached 220X120mm. The suspension system USES A plastic arm with adjustable holes of 3 degrees, and 4 adjustable plastic arms.

The soft and hard strength is all metal shock absorption, and the front is an anti-collision protection plate. The headlights are provided.

Both sides of the car body are equipped with metal guards

which can reduce the damage caused by the impact of sand and stone!

The front of the car is equipped with an anti-roll bar design

which is driven by a CVD ball head joint. The direction of the differential cup is equipped with a dust cover. It can be seen that the front anti-collision distance is left with a certain buffer distance in the front differential box.

The exhaust pipe is a front-rear stainless steel resonance pipe (power riser), and the air filter is a rear-mounted type, which is located in the middle of the roll cage, which can effectively avoid damage caused by rollover. The rear is equipped with an anti-roll bar device to increase The four-wheel drive balance performance.

The hand-pulled starter is located on the right side, leading to the direction of the fuel tank cover. The rear-mounted carburetor has a lot of space and is convenient for debugging.

Easy to disassemble and maintain

The 1/5 scale truck is a heavy monster of the machine. Ready to use, the whole and cage components are easy to disassemble and easy to maintain.

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